5 Tips to Stay a Healthy Couple

For a healthy couple the most necessary thing is LOVE. But get a pause and think is it really the only necessity???? I know I know!!!!!! The answer has become a list right???? And as per my advice put fitness up in your list, if you and your partner are not fit nothing will help to make your relationship work. Today I am here with my list of tips that will help you couples to stay fit and keep your relationship healthy.



First and foremost to have a fit life and body, forget all the calories that you intake everyday and then complain that your favorite pair of jeans is not fitting in. Having a few extra kilos is not ugly but unhealthy and that will affect not only your health but your relationship as well so leave all those extra c
heese and chunkies. Have a proper food diet and strictly bid goodbye to fast foods, and see how these work magically on your health and relationship.


the-best-and-worst-sleeping-positions-for-couples-photos-9We understand that modern people are nocturnes! But work pressure and other stressful things can make you unfit. It is obvious that you cannot go to bed by 10’o clock in weekdays. But try to avoid late nights on weekends. Give rest to your mind and body. To have a healthy and fit lifestyle you and your partner need ample amount of rest to drain out your stress. If not on weekdays make sure both of you avoid late nights and have a good amount of sleep.


a5bcbcca-f8a3-41e3-92bb-0308c5beb3a0It is said the couple that sweats together stays together… yes go to gym with your partner. You or your partner might be lazy when it comes to working out. But if you get each other’s company gymming will also seem a good time together. And what is more perfect than to start a day with a good work out regime that too with your partner????


ovulacijaIt is not effective if you have got other health problems and what you are taking note about is your diet and work out routines. So it is very important for you as well as your partner to go for a regular monthly health check-up in order to keep a check on other health issues as well.


photobooth attendantGive up smoking and drinking habits. Occasional things are fine but regular smoking and drinking shall be quitted immediately. A fit body needs proper food and other habits. Alcohol and tobacco are harmful thus shall not be taken. You and your partner must look into each other’s smoking and drinking habits and keep a check. No one can make your partner understand about these better than you.