6 Ways to Impress the Man of your Dreams

Hi all the pretty ladies out there! An interesting way to impress one’s beau always intrigues us since the days of yore. We are here with a solution to such difficult situations and help you out so that things remain in control and indirectly you guide them to like you. The choice will be yours and the man of your dreams will be yours as well!

1. A generous and kind heart

Beauty isn’t skin deep. Kindness in itself is a statement of education, good parenting and a good self. If you want to leave a lasting impression then be good to the old, kids and specially people who are lower to you in the social status. That way not only will you attract your soulmate but also many more admirers. Moreover it won’t cost you heavy treatments and make up sessions at parlours.

2. A good listening companion

In today’s humdrum we all are full of various grievances,insecurities and various issues at the work and the personal front. Don’t you think like being with someone who will listen to your problems and insecurities patiently without being judgemental? It’s difficult for a man to cry his heart out. After all he has to show that MARD KE SEENE ME DARD NAHIN HOTA. You don’t pose a threat to his manlihood if you genuinely feel for him and listen to him. And Phew!! He is yours.

3. A good sense of humour

Most of the men come up and complain nowadays that my girlfriend doesn’t understand jokes. Or she doesn’t gel well with me. They say that they need a partner whose presence will wash away all worries and she will be fun to be with. They confess that they initially get attracted by the looks but then the attraction fades away quickly if the girl isn’t witty enough. So your good sense of humor will easily carry you forward ahead of many. If your centre of attraction is a combination of intelligence and good looks then this characteristic trait of yours is sure to bowl him over.

4. Always wear your smile

There is nothing more attractive than a happy face. It’s difficult but not impossible. Research says if you pretend to be happy then eventually you will become happy in the process. To simply put forward the most trending images in social sites are pictures of smiling babies or toddlers. That’s what we want to see, specially with so much negativity around. So when you around him shun the evil and embrace the innocent. Avoid gossips and negative criticism. Even if you are being a soft target embrace it with a smile and then revert back. A man readily sees you as a balanced, composed,confident and happy person. He would crave to meet you more for that sweet smile of yours.

5. Personal hygiene

You don’t need to bathe in antiseptics or go for a manicure or pedicure session, but personal cleanliness is always appreciated. Your hands and feet will always be noticed, not to forget your smell. Don’t overdo things is our mantra. Make a statement with a neat pony, clean nails, flashing teeth, that’s it. He won’t be able to escape.

6. Knowledge of the world and surrounding

Remember the last time you were bowled over simply by the information he stores in his head? Do you remember how he silenced everyone with proper data and analysis on a discussion over the present governance? I don’t say that you need to mug up all news bulletins for him,you can at least know the headlines. That way you can easily participate in any discussion or rather cleverly bring up a topic and ask about his opinion on the matter. Men love taking control and that way if you provide him voluntarily with a foreground, he will search for you at all get togethers or social gathering. After all you are different!

Cheers to all the single ladies out there, go ahead and make a statement. We will come up with more unconventional methods and tips to win the man of the 21st century whose prime thirst does not start with the eyes and end at the…… Hope you got it right!