Six Fashion Tips Every Bride Must Know

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all???

Excited about the DAY? Well anything and everything is not the option for you. Time has changed and so are your requirements. Moreover, most of you are modern, educated and perhaps working ladies. So the age-old traditional concept of dressing up in marriage has to change as well.


lehengaLEHENGAS are beautiful, LEHENGAS are messy!!  Don’t you worry about its weight management!!?? Wait, there is a breather. Light fabrics are in, with detailing of velvet and Swarovski crystals…. They are sexy, classy and easy to handle. It will be something you won’t stack up in your wardrobe; it will be worth the money you spend. Hey!!  I just forgot to mention, FLORAL prints are the latest fashion trends, so why not experiment your wedding attire with florals? It will not only give a soothing and refreshing touch but will definitely earn you some high fashion followers for your unique yet comfortable choice. So brides for once ditch the reds and pinks and try on neutrals, blues, whites and florals.



The RAJWADA look is in. Too much glitter spoils the gold. KUNDAN jewellery is the right fashion statement with minimal and bold designs. Another trend that is yet to take over the marriage season by storm is FLORAL JEWELLERY. But remember not to juxtapose floral lehengas with floral jewellery. You will end up looking like a bouquet. With basic and pastel colour lehengas floral jewellery will look stunning. But if you opt for a floral printed lehengas choose your jewellery wisely. Don’t overdo things. That is the basic rule. We know it is your day but don’t you wish to woo the guests and most importantly your MAN?



It is the time for experimenting. Having a unique lehengas and statement jewellery will not help you to steal the show. A good hairdo is a must. But please let go of the age old idea of wearing buns with lehengas. You are going to be a modern and contemporary bride. Such shall be your hair as it should compliment your look and not prove to be a spoiler. With your light lehengas and floral jewellery you can opt for side braids, fish plats, French braids and even braided buns. This will accentuate the entire contemporary quotient and fetch you high fashion points. Add flowers to your hairdo as per the attire like orchids, roses, dandelions and even artificial flowers in a large variety of colours .The least thing you can think of using for your D-DAY are the cute little BABY BREATHS!  Amazingly cheap, usually used as fill up flowers in bouquet this has been reintroduced as the most fashionable flower this season. Only a few bunches of this flower on your hairdo will add feathers to your style statement. Go ahead and experiment and become the most talked about bride of the town.


rishta milega

Matching clothes with your groom has become too predictable and clichéd. Why not try something new? Like to keep something in common you can keep the colour of your dupatta with your groom’s sherwani. Go for colour contrasts, they can work wonders for both of your looks. And if your groom is as modern and experimental as you are try something quirky like give him the “floral pagdi” matching the print of your lehenga or a floral waist coat to keep the common quotient high yet unique.



Do you remember the clumsy over the top make up of your didi or bhabhi or best friend last season or in the recent past?  Though time has changed but the messy make up blunders didn’t. So go bold with precise make up that goes well with your skin tone. A few tips on eyes and lips are listed here:

Soft gold lids, neutral pink lips

Dark smoky eyes, nude peachy lips

Bronze eyes, coral lips

Shimmery plum eyes, purple lips

Winged eyeliner, with bright pop up colour on the lips



Last but not the least remember all you would-be-brides, a lady with a pretty shoe is never ugly. After all the perfections that you have attained if you are compromising with your shoes it may ruin the entire effort. Don’t go for the most common golden stilettos. I know that becomes the obvious choice but ladies please spend a little more time before choosing your shoes for your big day. Stilettos are pretty but they are uncomfortable too. If you have a good height, experiment with flats. That will keep you snug throughout the day. You can even opt for wedges. Wedges are too much in fashion and a good pair can give you height and comfort at the same time.

Are you hungry for more tips?? I know I know!!! But for now try these and the rest I keep it for you. After all it’s you wedding day and you must get a chance to decide on certain things as well. Right? Good luck!!