The Men of Your Nightmare! Warning

With sweet comes the bitter. This is a sworn fact that not all men are marriage material. Some are cool to date,some good at bed.But he is a strict no no when it comes to a soulmate. Sad but true, we identify their true self long after the step is taken and then there is ONLY heartbreak . Men this article is a must read for you as well. Don’t you think you can always be an eye opener to someone who is close to you, one who might not be the best marriage material?


Yes,beware. These men don’t have long term relationship goals. They might not be into you.You are just his date,and he does not look upto it as an emotional bonding. Don’t keep texting them or calling them. Just wait to see how events turn out. See when is the last time he called or messaged. Keep a track whether he calls you only when he wants to take you out. Don’t be over exited or enthralled if asks you out after sometime. Politely excuse yourself for not going out a few times. Very soon you will reach the conclusion. Yes,he was a great match but that was just an illusion.


How often does he compliment you?Does he listen to you when you have a rough day?
Overall, do you think he is your biggest fan or cheer leader? And just as reasonable with giving, is he able to pause and fully receive what you are giving? If not what’s the point? It requires a healthy self esteem to openly give or receive an expression of love and support – and YOU NEED THAT IN A PARTNER.


You can’t seem to say on do anything right with this man.Ever.Initially their stubbornness and convictions might appear attractive-its hot when someone knows who they are and what they want. This tends to ugly when when you realize that there is no room for what YOU WANT. These critics want things to be done in a CERTAIN WAY, THEIR WAY.Real relationship are negotiated by compromise, empathy and the capacity to want to understand where the other person is coming from.


Reaction to something important, funny,depression is okay. Arguments and disagreements are bound to happen in a healthy relationship. That said,you need a partner who has an emotional wherewithal to fight fair, not someone who will flip out at the slightest hint of disagreement. Both the partners needs the skills to hold space for the other partners feelings and perspective.


It’s good that both of you have a life out of your relationship. But if your man says that he is too independent and happy to live a life on his own, then it’s a clear signal that you should not overlook. When we are in a relationship we all need that shoulder to lean on,and a little dependency on the partner. No matter however close you want to come, he will not allow you to. The more you need the further you push them away. Ultimately you don’t want to deal with that kind of EMOTIONAL DISTANCING in a relationship.

These are only the five kinds of warnings, are not in store.
These are only signs,and if taken a stance or confronted openly might yield an everlasting solution. So pick up these cues to sort out what you really want from a relationship… Good luck!