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Among all the other matrimonial sites, Rishta Milega is more desired by the users for its huge number of users and its unique match making technique.

Free Matrimony website

Rishta Milega is a free matrimony website that provides free matrimonial services with premium advantages, that includes personal chat, contact exchange, gallery view etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


RishtaMilega is a unique and serious match making platform to connect two lonely souls together forever. The princess will get to choose a perfect match amongst a host of suitors according to her choice, inclination and preferences. This concept is applicable for the prince charming as well.

The age-old concept with all modern necessary amenities will boost up the search and it's parameter to a new level of comfort and compatibility. It will enable young men and women to find their life partners through most efficient and honorable means. It will hopefully be so accurate and efficient that a nearly perfect match will be feasible. It will meet all the four conditions of an ideal match making process for an individual, such as :

1. Specify ideal match:  Social & economic compatibility
2. Invite them: All ideal matches must be reached at the same
3. Get response: Response received from interested matches
4. Make the final choice: Individual chooses from amongst the many who are interested in him or her.

Just complete your matrimonial profile and we will feature you on our website that will exclusively be visible only to your matches. You will start receiving interests from your matches who are interested in your profile. So,all you need to do to get started is:

  • Make your profile with photo and verify your mobile and email.
  • Express interest whenever you like a profile.
  • Besides being efficient, it’s private and strictly matrimonial.

Rishtamilega is an initiative by Ms.Neetu Singh, founder and director of K.D.Campus. K.D.Campus offers coaching for entrance examinations like SSC, BANK PO, CLAT, SSC (JE), UGC NET, BBA, BCA, BMS, GMAT, GATE, MBA etc. in Delhi.

Apart from just a coaching center, K D Campus also focuses on the all round development of the students through expert guidance and unmatched study materials issued from its own publication house. K D Campus aims to be the best coaching center in India with regards to preparations of SSC, BANK PO, UGC NET, CLAT, MBA, GMAT, GATE etc.

Rishtamilega is unique in its new approach of giving specific details of government employees which no other sites till date provide.

Hope you enjoy the experience as well as the journey. All the very best!!!

Getting Started

How can I get started on ‘RishtaMilega’?

  1. Sign up on the website using your email address or facebook.
  2. Fill out your mandatory details and verify your mobile number.

How can I get maximum out of ‘RishtaMilega’?

  1. Visit the website at least once every week.
  2. Go to ‘Edit Profile’ and fill out information in ‘Work & Education’, ‘Family’ and ‘Partner Preference’.
  3. You can safeguard your privacy so that other users can’t contact you by Managing Filters.
  4. You will be able to search exactly the partner of your choice using Advance Feature.

Why does my name appear abbreviated by default?

This happens due to privacy reasons. An abbreviated name cannot be searched through google, facebook, LinkedIn or any other network. You are free to choose the way you want your name to appear. For example, if your name is Ankur Sharma you can have your name displayed as:

  • A. RAI

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile with the click of a button. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ button on the left of your screen and edit the fields that you wish to update.

To edit fields like Name, Age, Gender, Marital Status, Religion, Mother Tongue or Community, you need to send us a request. We will review your request, may be give you a confirmation call and if all appears okay then approve your changed data.

We have also provided an option to preview your profile, that is, how your profile appears to your matches.

Why should I choose to display my photo albums? How do I add photos?

A picture is worth a thousand words. By showing how you look you showcase your personality and add credibility to your profile. You can upload up to 5 pictures at the most. They ought to be carefully selected pictures of self, family and special moments to help you paint an interesting portrait of yourself. You can either upload pictures from your computer or mobile, or you can import them from your facebook albums.

You also have the option to control who can see your photo album—all your matches or only the accepted ones. You can control who sees you album by tweaking your ‘Privacy Settings’. Your profile picture remains visible always.

If you are unable to upload photos on your own, you can request us to do so on your behalf by emailing them to us on Photo albums improve the quality as well as the quantity of responses by at least 5 times.

Will my contact details be visible to the other users of ‘RishtaMilega’?

Your contact details will be kept strictly hidden from the other users of this website. In fact, none of the users will be able to see each others’ contact details for privacy and security reasons. Your contact details can be seen by another member only after you two have accepted each other’s profiles.

Ladies have been given a special privilege here. If they like they can choose to hide their mobile number even from their ‘Accepted Matches’, though it is not recommended as it can slow down the match making process.


Can I message a member whose profile I like?

Every member can read and reply to a messages that they receive. You enjoy unrestricted messaging access with your Accepted Matches provided you have unlocked mutual contact details. The Premium members enjoy additional privilege to initiate messaging with any other member at any time.

Except to avoid spam, maximum 2 messages are allowed without a reply.

Monetary Issues

Who manages your payment gateway?

RishtaMilega has partnered with a reliable company like cc avenue to provide the users a sense of security while ordering.

Money is debited from my Account , however, I have not received order confirmation on my email, what should I do?

This could be the case of disruption in connection while ordering or due to some temporary issue going on with the bank. You can send us an email at, so that we can check the status of your order at our end.

In case of unsuccessful transaction, you money will be rolled back to your account by the bank within 3-5 business days.

What happens if my credit/debit card has been compromised while making a payment online?

We do not collect or store your credit card information. If you suspect any such thing, then please report this immediately to bank.

Do you provide cash on delivery option?

Yes, we do provide the option of COD, you can come and visit us at 1498, First Floor, Opp BBM Bus Depot, Outram Lane Mukherjee Nagar.

What is the mode of payment?

The payment options currently available to order online are:

  • Net Banking
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • COD


How is my privacy ensured on ‘RishtaMilega’?

The premium users and the ones with verified phone numbers are marked with star.

You can hide your photos and the other can send you photo rquest, if you like you can approve the photo request to view your photo. You can safeguard your privacy so that other users can’t contact you by Managing Filters.

You will be able to search exactly the partner of your choice using Advance Feature.

If I connect my facebook profile with my profile on ‘RishtaMilega', can any other user of ‘RishtaMilega gain access to it?

No member or user can reach your facebook profile through the ‘RishtaMilega’ website/platform without your explicit permission. You can control through your ‘Privacy Settings’ if an ‘Accepted Match’ can send you a facebook friend request or not.

If I connect my facebook profile with my profile on ‘RishtaMilega’, can my facebook friends come to know about my activities on ‘RishtaMilega’?

None of your friends or contacts on any of your social networks such as facebook or LinkedIn can ever get to know about any of your activities on ‘RishtaMilega’, even though your profiles on these networks may be synced with ‘RishtaMilega’. All your activities on ‘RishtaMilega’ remain completely confidential and insulated from other social networks. Besides, no member can reach your facebook profile from our platform without your explicit permission.

Can anyone see or keep track of my activities on ‘RishtaMilega’ platform?

No one can see or keep track of your activities on our platform.

Can my parents, siblings, relatives or friends use ‘RishtaMilega’ on my behalf?

If you allow your parents / siblings by providing your email id and password, they will be able to handle your account on your behalf.

Deactivate / Delete Profile

Once you get your life partner, you can visit Account Settings, Delete My Account, We will not spam you afterwards. It’s as simple as that

Contact Us

Phone: 9555418888


Visit: 1053 ground floor, Mukherjee Nagar