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Matrimonial Site for Indians - Indian marital status sites have gained wide-spread quality in recent times particularly among young web users.

Privacy Policy

The use of the words ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘platform’, ‘Rishta Milega’ and ‘app’ refers to owned by Paramount Matrimony Private Limited based in Delhi, India.

Use of the word ‘Member’ and ‘User’ refers to those people who have registered (signed up) on to advertise themselves for the purpose of matrimony and have given explicit consent to share their information and photos on the platform with other people for the purpose of matrimonial matchmaking. It does not include unauthorized usage such as accessing Member email or facebook account with stolen password or without the knowledge of the Member.

1. What information do I have to provide for signing up with

You have to provide basic account information, which may or may not include: your firstname, lastname, gender, age, religion, mother tongue, telephone number, a user specified password, email, general geographic location and photograph.Additional marriage relevant information, which may or may not include relationship status, work, education, home town, interests, likes and photos, family details If you sign-up from Facebook, your basic account information from facebook: name, gender, birthday, current city, email and your profile picture URL. Additional marriage relevant Information: relationship status, work, education, home town, interests, likes and photos from your facebook. Your profile will be available to other Members of the platform for the purpose of matrimonial matchmaking.

Members can also make profiles on Rishta Milega on behalf of others – child/ward, sibling or friend. If any such person whose profile has been made by their parent/guardian, sibling or friend wants to remove her/his information, s/he can request removal of the profile after giving us the necessary evidence.

2. Why do needs basic information?

We provide online matrimonial service at and also present in the form of a facebook app that does efficient matchmaking for our Members with the help of our unique matchmaking algorithm. In order to do this, we ask for marriage relevant personal information under the heads ‘basic account information’ and ‘additional marriage relevant information’ (both defined above). This personal information, which also includes special cases such as physical disability, is displayed on the Member profile on the platform and is available for viewing and use by the other Members of the platform who are considered good prospective matches by the platform. Members of the platform are free to view and to choose to express ‘Interest’ in any other user identified as a prospective match on the platform.

3. How do we use, display, share, or transfer information received from you on the platform?

We display the initials of your name to the non premium members, once the member is premium, he can see your full name. Your contact details will be hidden from no-premium users, however, it will be visible to the premium members.

However, we provide you with an option to hide your contact information. The other members who likes you can send the request for contact information, you can then accept the request.

4. How do we contact the Members?

We use email, sms and Facebook notifications (in case of facebook signup) and call Members on phone to inform the Members about their platform usage. We may also use email to send news and updates regarding the platform and any promotional activity.

5. How do we keep unwanted people out?

We follow a strict security protocol to keep unwanted people out. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ form or call us at 9555418888 and report the matter giving the Member ID available on the home page of the offending Member. We will take immediate action and confirm the same to you if required

6. How do you use cookies?

Cookies are used for following purposes:

  • Facilitate the user's ongoing access to and use of the platform; and
  • To identify repeat users;

You can deny the cookie feature from your browser I case you do not want any information collected through the use of cookies. Cookie files can also be deleted from the computer, if you need to. It is to be noted, though, that the use of cookies is necessary if you want to access Rishta Milega.

Cookies are used by Rishta Milega to provide its services, to deliver customized content as per your interests, to remember your password so you do not have to enter it every time you try to login.

7. How to remove the app from Facebook?

If you do not want to use the app any longer or want to exit or suspend usage, you can remove it any time you want just by following the path Home ->Settings->Apps ->Delete the app. You can also stop access to your profile by simply changing your password. To restore the access to the app you will need to visit the app.

8. How to get your personal information stored with us deleted?

Once you get your life partner, you can visit Account Settings, Delete My Account, We will not spam you afterwards. It’s as simple as that.

9. How will I know of changes in our privacy policy?

Kindly check the privacy policies frequently, so that you are always abreast of all the minor changes that may have been updated in the privacy policies.

Any major change in our privacy policy will be notified to you prominently on the platform Home page to make sure you are always aware of what information we collect, how we will use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.